Discover Seville: Triana

Connected to the city by the famous bridge and only 2 minutes from the Language School lies the most famous and unique district of Seville, former home of potters and sailors and birthplace of flamenco artists. You´ll learn about its history, people, traditions, cuisine and way of living. A unique atmosphere vibrant with the joie de vivre of Triana‘s inhabitants.

The Santa Ana church, the typical houses and the richly decorated patios make this neighborhood an obligatory stop for each visitor. In one of the many cafés on Calle Betis you can have coffee and enjoy one of the best views of the city. You can’t miss it. verpassen!

Activity details:

Day: Monday to Friday
Start: 19:00 h.
Price: Free
Meeting Point: Carlos V Language School, Calle República Argentina, 27B – 1ª planta
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