Excursion to La Rábida. The Caravels

This excursion will last 1 day, we will leave Seville at 9 in the morning to arrive at the Muelle de las Carabelas in La Rábida, then we will go to the nearest beach and return at approximately 7 in the evening.

The Muelle de las Carabelas is located in Palos de la Frontera, Huelva. This was the port from which the first three ships left for America, the Niña, the Pinta and the Santa Maria and you can see their reproductions made in 1992 for the commemoration of the Discovery of America.

After this guided tour we will go to the beach to enjoy the Atlantic Ocean, where we can play games in the sand or take a nice swim or if it is not bathing season, take a nice walk along the beach.

academiaalemanExcursion to La Rábida. The Caravels