Flamenco in Triana

You’ll have the opportunity to enjoy a glass of wine in one of the many bars with Flamenco performances, be it professional shows or spontaneous improvisations of the guests themselves. There are many such bars in Triana, and they are just a few minutes on foot from our School. These are magical places where no one is left indifferent by the performances. A truly unique and unforgettable experience. The smell of merry nights creates an atmosphere that’s present as soon as you enter. Inside, you’ll meet all kinds of people, Sevillanos and visitors of all ages.

Activity details:

Day: Monday to Friday
Start: 21:30 h.
Price: Consumption
Meeting Point: Carlos V Language School, Calle República Argentina, 27B – 1ª planta
Register at info@idiomascarlosv.es

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