Excursion to Mijas

We will visit the village of Mijas for one afternoon, so we will leave around 4 pm and return around 8 pm.

It is a village in the mountains of the Costa del Sol, 34 km from the city of Malaga.

In ancient times it was a village dedicated to fishing and agriculture that got a boom in the 50s, becoming a tourist town and its main attraction were the “Donkey-taxi”, as the name suggests are donkeys that take you for a ride. In the 50’s these animals transported stones from the quarries and the first tourists began to photograph them and take rides on them, becoming a sign of identity of the place.

Today you can see them, but they are protected, so we do not assure you that you can take a walk in them. But you will be able to enjoy this picturesque village.


academiaalemanExcursion to Mijas