Ceramic Museum

For approximately one and a half hours we will learn about the history of ceramics and its evolution over the centuries in what was once an old ceramic factory that has now been converted into a museum.

The museum was created in 2014 by the Seville City Council, with the aim of promoting and preserving the ceramic tradition of the city.

It is installed on the old earthenware factory of the Viuda de Gómez, a name that, over time, became Cerámica Santa Ana, as Santa Ana is the patron saint of the Triana neighborhood, where the museum is located (we will also tell you this surprising story).

We will be able to see the original equipment of the old factory, from historic ovens, from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, a water well, clay deposits, mineral mills, containers to store the prepared pigments, the potter’s wheel, the tables for airing pieces and drying molds or the board where the painters decorated the large tile panels.

After seeing it, you will surely feel like working with ceramics.

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