Palace of the Duchess of Alba

The visit will last approximately one and a half hours.

The Palacio de Las Dueñas, built between the 15th and 16th centuries, takes its name from the disappeared monastery of Santa María de las Dueñas, located on the adjoining site.

Its origin was the palace-house of the Pineda family, lords of Casa Bermeja, who were one of the patrician lineages of Seville.

Las Dueñas was converted into a tenement house, its rooms compartmentalized with partitions and the coffered ceilings covered with ceilings. Curiously, one of the tenants, and administrator of the Palace, was Antonio Machado Álvarez whose circumstance made possible the birth of one of the greatest Spanish poets, Antonio Machado in

Finally, it was the residence of the Duchess of Alba until her death.

From Machado we have these well-known verses:
“My childhood are memories of a courtyard in Seville.
and a clear orchard where the lemon tree is ripening…”.

(Fields of Castile, 1912)

Be sure to enjoy its charm.

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