Paseo de Colón

The famous watch tower is located at the shore of the river Guadalquivir, right next to the bull fight arena of the Real Maestranza. It’s 36 meters high and owes its name to the golden shimmer of its reflection in the water. In it’s interior it hosts the naval museum. The main function of the “Golden Tower” was to block water way into the Arenal by means of a wall between the tower and its twin tower Torre de la Plata (Silver Tower), protecting the Real Alcázar.

The Bull Fight Arena is property of the Royal Cavalry Armory of Seville “Real Maestranza”, a society of knights from royal families promoting cavalry and bull fights.

Activity details:

Day: Monday
Start: 17:00 h.
Price: Free on Monday, on other days 3 €/person
Meeting Point: Carlos V Language School, Calle República Argentina, 27B – 1ª planta
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