Spanish Cooking workshop

Discover dishes of Spanish gastronomy while you learn Spanish!

Participants will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in Spanish culture through its delicious food. They will learn to prepare typical dishes such as potato omelette, paella and gazpacho, while practicing Spanish vocabulary and expressions related to cooking and food.

Lasting approximately 2 hours, the workshop will be led by a chef instructor with extensive experience. Participants will learn cooking techniques, tips and tricks while working as a team to prepare dishes. At the end of the session, everyone will be able to enjoy a delicious meal that they have prepared themselves.

This workshop is ideal for Spanish learners of all levels, from beginners to advanced. In addition to learning about Spanish cuisine, participants will have the opportunity to improve their language skills and confidence when speaking Spanish in a fun and relaxed environment.

Don’t miss this opportunity to discover the flavors of Spain and improve your Spanish at the same time!

Spanish Cooking: Our Recipes

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