Trip to Itálica

The Roman city Itálica, birthplace of the emperors Adriano and Trajano, was founded in 206 B.C. by General Publio Cornelio Escipión. The visit comprises about 50 private houses and 6 public buildings, amongst others the very well conserved amphitheatre.

Itálica was founded to host soldiers who were wounded during the battle of Ilipa, in which they had defeated the Carthaginian army. Ítalica owes its name to Italy, home country of most of its inhabitants. During the visit, we’ll discover ruins of buildings, mosaics, schools, drainage systems, roads and thermal baths.

Activity details:

Day: Tuesday to Friday
Start: 17:00 h.
Price: Free for EU citizens, others: 1,50 € / Bus fee: 3,00€
Meeting Point: bus station Plaza de Armas Avda. Cristo de la Expiración s/n
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