Wine Tasting

During this activity, we’ll learn about Spanish wine in all its variety and taste its aroma: red, rosé and white wine, champagne, Manzanilla and Cognac.

It is said that more than 600 types of grapes are cultivated in Spain, but only 20 of them are used for 80% of the country’s wine production. Each region uses its own variety and furthermore applies new technologies to create its own version of classical wines by modifying the genetics of each type.

From Ribeiro to Rioja to Montilla-Moriles; from North to South and east to West, dozens of Spanish regions produce quality. During the tasting, you’ll get the opportunity to taste some of them and chose your personal favorite.

Activity details:

Day: Monday
Start: 17:00 h.
Price: Free
Meeting Point: Escuela de Idiomas Carlos V
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