Semi Intensive course

10 hours /week.  Daily lessons. Different levels. The perfect course for students who are part of the Au Pair, Internship or University students.

Intensive course

20 hours /week. Daily courses. The course length is as long as the level you want to reach. Students are welcome to step in at any point of the course.

Super intensive course

For an in-depth learning process, you can add up one or two hours to your intensive course. The real challenge!

Professional Spanish

An intensive linguistic immersion programme which can last from one to two weeks with up to 7 hours of lessons a day. Learn our language, our culture, attend our Use of Spanish or speaking por specific purposes workshops.

DELE exam preparation

By adding 10 hours a week in the afternoon, you can attend our DELE prep lessons aimed at passing the DELE exam or other Spanish international exams.

Spanish & University

Intensive courses from 8 to 42 weeks with 20 sessions a week in which you’ll improve your Spanish and obtain the level certificate required by universites and official educational institutions. This course is for students who wish to access, or are already attending, a Spanish university.

Summer course

Take advantage of your summer holidays by booking one of our intensive Spanish courses Other than learning a new language, you will be diving into our culture at the same time that you will enjoy the leisure activities that our city and region have to offer.

School Groups

Intensive linguistic and cultural courses which last from one week onwards.  They are aimed at students between 14 and 18 years old, who will come with their teachers.

Academic course

Spanish course taught twice a week (1,5 hrs each session) which will improve your level of Spanish whilst you are living, studying or working in Seville.


These courses have been specially designed for our adult senior students with contents, method and activities aimed at that specific group.