Webinars for teachers

We know how difficult it can be to motivate students to learn another language. Interesting content and methodologies for students is always a challenge. Our native Spanish teachers want to share their experiences and help make Spanish classes more interesting and engaging for students.

Participate for free in our workshops geared towards non native teachers of Spanish

In addition, our school Idiomas Carlos V is accredited by the Cervantes Institute, which annually receives thousands of students who come to take classes at our centers in Madrid and Seville.


How to use television series, films, and advertisements in the Spanish class

Mass media is all around us and takes up a great deal of our time. Through films, television shows, publicity and advertising, we will show how to put them to use in a Spanish classroom. We will offer different materials and tools to achieve this so you can include them in your own class.

Idiomatic Expressions

Do you know the different idiomatic expressions and slang that Spaniards use in their everyday life? In this session we will offer the material and means needed to teach this part of the spoken language as well as adapt it to different student levels. From now on your students will be masters of colloquial Spanish.

Tell me what happened?

Do you know the city of Seville? We will travel back in time through the history of this great city and put into practice all the past tenses. Spanish is made up of four past tenses which allow us to tell and describe our stories. In this session we will look at alternative ways to apply the use of the past in Spanish using various and authentic tools and materials in order to develop and strengthen effective techniques in the classroom. After this workshop you will have the opportunity to bring Seville right into your classroom.

Materials and Tools to Prepare a Spanish Class

In this session we will analyze the keys and tools for a dynamic and engaging Spanish class. We will look at a wide range of authentic materials and tools to cover reading, writing, oral, and listening skills.

Conversation: Discussion and Opinions

Do you know the latest techniques for a great conversation class? Using Spanish customs and traditions, and through one of the most important plays in contemporary Spanish literature, we will adapt different materials to the needs and abilities of the students to give you more options in your classroom. A conversation class tied to current events using countless authentic materials.
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