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Idiomas Carlos V is participating in many varied European-funded educational and research Erasmus projects. We are currently involved in KA2 Erasmus projects which you can find more information on below. We have collaborated with organizations from all over Europe and continue to seek out opportunities to support our research activities.

The main aims of the projects we participate in are to provide high quality research as the foundation to improve the availability of educational opportunities and resources for specific target groups such as marginalised communities, learning disabled adults, or youth in unemployment.

Research Team

ErasmusProjects - Ángela Enríquez

Ángela Enríquez

Spanish teacher and journalist with an emphasis on corporate communication. She has Spanish and Colombian roots. Ángela has a degree in Journalism and a postgraduate degree in Human Resources Management from the Sergio Arboleda University in Bogotá (Colombia) along with various language teaching certifications. She has worked as a full time teacher at different universities in Colombia, as well as director of communications departments in that country. In addition, she has also worked leading customer service areas in Colombia, Spain and Oman, and currently works at the Carlos V Language School in Seville.

ErasmusProjects - Alejandra Rojo

Alejandra Rojo

Project coordinator and researcher, Alejandra holds a Diplom in Tourism from the University of Tourism EUSA in Seville (Spain), last year studied in France in L´École Superiére de Commerce. She also holds a certificate of MBA in Business Management in Portuguese in Paulista University in São Paulo (Brazil). During her studies she was working in São Paulo in a international business school and as a Spanish teacher in a big company. Nowadays she works at Carlos V languages school, coordinating all kind of Project of Erasmus+ and leading international groups that come to Spain to study Spanish language.

Erasmus Projects partnered by Idiomas Carlos V

ErasmusProjects - Alejandra Rojo

Learning Foreign Language Online (LFLO)


Project Number: 2020-1-UK01-KA226-VET-094508

Project Title: Learning Foreign Languages Online

Dates: 06/21 – 05/23

Partners: Eurospeak (United Kingdom), Innovation Hive (Greece), Institute of New Technologies (Poland), Ustanova za obrazovanje odraslih Maksima (Croatia)

Project languages: The project’s outputs will be available in English, Greek, Spanish, Polish.

Find out more by visiting the project website, and its social media pages on Facebook and Instagram pages.

Leaflet: Click here to download it.

The object of this project is to make it easier for foreign language learners to learn a language online with a selection of high-quality resources freely available online (OERs) and compile them into a website. This will involve the assessment of resources by a team of experts to ensure that all the resources selected meet quality standards.

This project also aims to produce guidance addressed to foreign language learners on how to use the OERs on the website for supporting foreign language self-directed learning. This will take the form of an e-course and will seek to ensure that our target groups know how to use the resources available on the website. It is hoped that this will make it easier for foreign language learners to engage in effective ways of learning and to ultimately upgrade their foreign language skills.

This will be done through the creation of two Intellectual Outputs:

  • IO1: Compilation of OERs for learning foreign languages online for self-directed learners, organised by language, CEFR level, and area of language learning (grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, reading, writing, listening, and speaking) on a website
  • IO2: An e-course on how to learn foreign languages online for self-directed learners

The Erasmus+ Programme promotes cooperation and partnerships between educational institutions and organizations aimed at fostering the collaboration between the educational and the working world. There, opportunities to work abroad, study abroad or to do an internship abroad a created by granting different scholarships and aids.

The Carlos V Language School supports European students with the organization of internship placements in Spain for their students. Thanks to our more than 15 years of experience in vocational training and language teaching, we are a competent partner for Erasmus+ projects in Spain.

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