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University Foundation Programme

Escuela de Idiomas Carlos V offers its students the opportunity to prepare for the Specific Competence Tests (PCE) required for admission to Spanish universities.

The course is designed for foreign students who have successfully completed the secondary school diploma in their home country and who want to pass the Spanish public university entrance exam, an exam that requires intense preparation.

The yearly pathway/foundation course includes Spanish classes for students who do not have a level in Spanish.

The first period of the pathway course includes intensive Spanish courses to reach the B1 level. Once the language level has been reached, students will start preparing the compulsory and specific phase subjects for the PCE exam. The choice of subjects will be made after the orientation sessions organised by the Academic Department about University Studies in Spain.

Choosing a subject combination is important as universities look for students that have good grades in the right subjects. We work intensively with each student to choose the best combination to help achieve their university and career aspirations.

All students must pass the UNEDasiss PCE exam in the last week of May of the scholastic year.

Details of the PCE Programme

Age:  16+

Entry requirement:  At least 12 years of schooling, High school Diploma, Baccalaureate or IB

Language requirement
September start: No level required
January start: B1 level

Average class size: 15

Hours per week: 20+

3 terms (September start)
2 terms (January start)


Compulsory PCE subjects

  • Spanish Language and Literature

  • History of Spain

  • Mathematics II

  • Applied Mathematics

  • Foundations of Art

Optional PCE subjects

  • Business Economics

  • Chemistry

  • Biology

  • Technical Drawing

  • Physics

Assistance and visa

For students who need a long-term visa for studies, Carlos V Language School provides the necessary documentation for the visa application.

In addition, it offers a variety of additional services for all those foreign students who need particular assistance upon arrival in Spain and throughout their stay.

Administrative procedures in immigration

Open a bank account

Different type of accommodation

Homologation of diplomas

Orientation sessions

Advice on the admission process at universities

Enrollment in the official UNEDasiss PCE exam. Fees not included


From September 18th. 2023 to May 24th. 2024

If you already hold a B1 level, you can directly access the subject preparation course for the PCE exam scheduled for January 2024.

  • "The course is perfect and above all different and fun... The teaching material is very well developed... It's very interesting."

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    Hiba (Morocco)
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