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Language Immersion is our “Key”

At Idiomas Carlos V your trip will be built around immersing yourself in the Spanish language. Whether it be our fun and  dynamic immersion classes with our native teachers, interaction with locals in workshops and activities, or on our guided tours of historic monuments and landmarks which dot this land, you are sure to return home with a gained appreciation of the Spanish language and culture.

Fun and  dynamic immersion classes

Native teachers

Interaction with locals in workshops and activities

Guided tours of historic monuments

Importance of International Travel

Educational travel is back! At Idiomas Carlos V we understand and value the importance of travel abroad and that it is much more than only visiting monuments and tourist attractions. Now more than ever it is important to break down barriers and discover unknown places and cultures.

We emphasize immersion on our trips so students participate in and take back with them the culture and people of Spain. Immersing in a culture does not mean one needs to be fluent but makes the attempt to embrace and become deeply involved in what is around us.

♦ Promotes personal growth and independence and enhances self-esteem

Increases communication and social skills From the moment you arrive you will actively participate in the experience of life in Spain

Helps students overcome the fears of being away from home and in another country speaking a different language

Increases the desire to learn and continue studying the language


When you arrive in Spain you will be picked up by our team and taken to one of our state of the art student residences where you will be welcomed by Escuela de Idiomas Carlos V. Whether you have chosen Madrid, Seville, or Malaga for your main destination you will receive an orientation on the city and what lies ahead on your stay.

Your residence will include full board and you will be sleeping in  brand new facilities with top services and amenities .

You are sure to make friends from all  over the world here as these residences cater to students who have come to Spain to study and you will have time for social exchanges in the common areas of the residence.

Your day will start with a full breakfast and then off to practice Spanish at the school. Your class will be led by one of our expert native teachers who will guide you through local phrases and vocabulary that you can put into practice on your cultural visits, field trips, shopping breaks and at your neighborhood cafés.

Vocabulary will focus on vocabulary used in the place you are staying and will be themed based on what you are visiting that day.

There will also be time for reflection and feedback on what you have learned, experienced, and observed in the days before.


Your afternoons will be filled with you wandering down winding cobblestone roads, walks along rivers flowing with history, and strolls down historic streets lined with shops and tapa bars.You will take part in a Flamenco workshop, learning the steps of this folkloric dance, followed by a spectacular performance by some of the best.

You will dine on some of the best food the city has to offer and do it where the locals are, in some of the most popular neighborhood tapa bars.

All in the company of our Idiomas Carlos V team.

Your trip will include day trips to some of Spain’s most famous cities in town. Depending on which city you choose as your main destination your visits could take you to historic places such as Cordoba, Toledo, Granada and more. We will include these visits in your trip and a coach bus will take you there and back, and your tickets to all entrances will be included. You will always be in the company of a member of our team throughout your day trip or overnight stay.

Choose your travel destination

It all started here for America. Seville became the doorway to the New World in 1492 and today is a World Heritage Site, and after Barcelona and Madrid, the most visited city in Spain.

Arriving at Seville is stepping into the past and immersing yourself into the sights and sounds of a vibrant, bustling social life in the city streets and Flamenco music filling the air. Here you can sit down in a street café with your friends and classmates to have a chat and share some of Spain’s most typical dishes. Interact with the locals and try out your Spanish with your friendly waiters.

Students who really want to hear Spanish expressions used by locals have come to the right place.

Seville has almost year-round sunshine and is a walker or bikers paradise. Temperatures are generally mild year-round with very hot summers.

Being one of the most historic  cities in Spain, when taking a stroll through its winding streets you can’t help but come across hidden pieces of history.

Or how about a boat ride down the Guadalquiver that flows through the heart of the city. Ride down the same river that the first explorers set off from and take in the breathtaking monuments, parks, and of course the great Cathedral and Giralda Tower that dot the landscape.

And don´t think that Seville is only about its past. Today Seville is lined with modern buildings and shopping centers and is an important University town with students coming from all over Spain to study here.

It is undoubtedly the quintessential Spanish city and a place that will stay forever in your heart.

Malaga is the heart of the world famous “Sun Coast” where travelers come from all over to discover its city streets and sights and while away the hours on its stunning beaches. With the weather sunny practically all year, folks flock to this destination year round.

Palm trees, rolling hills, and blue skies are the backdrop to historic monuments, art museums, street markets, theaters, and open air concerts.

Here you will mingle with locals who will be sharing “tapas” all hours of the day and late into the night. You will taste typical Andalusian dishes and some of the best seafood in the world.

A city with a vibrant social life, you will have every opportunity to practice your Spanish with the friendly locals and enjoy walks along the extensive coastline and through the flower-filled, cobbled streets.

Your trip to Spain will most likely take you first to its vibrant capital and its largest city. In Madrid, tradition, history, and modern life are around every corner.

Walking down the Gran Via you will be surrounded by theaters, shops, and some of Spain’s most famous restaurants. A stroll down the Paseo de Prado will take you past beautiful parks, countless museums, city squares, and spots steeped in tradition and culture around every corner. Wander through its Puerta del Sol and discover its vibrant social life, its tapa bars, and interact with local vendors in its famous street markets.

Madrid is a cosmopolitan city where you will find Spanish students from all over the world. The possibility to interact with people from different nationalities will enrich the experience.

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