Terms & Conditions

By signing the registration form, the user accepts the terms and conditions set forth below.

1 Registration form

1.1 The particular conditions of each course in terms of duration, sessions, start and end dates, contracted services, as well as the levels and specific associated activities will be expressed in the budget accepted by the student and in the registration form.

1.2 The teachers will be native Spanish speakers and the groups will never exceed 15 students.

1.3 Students will be organized by levels of knowledge and the definitive timetables will be communicated prior to the beginning of the course. The School reserves the right to modify the timetable according to organizational needs.

1.4 Users must be at least 16 years of age except in junior programs. User under 18 years of age must present prior authorization.

1.5 The user agrees to receive communications from Carlos V Education regarding promotional and commercial information about its products or services.

2 Course fee

2.1 The price of the course generally includes:

– Registration and initial level tests.

– Course consumables, notebooks, pens and other necessary materials.

– Level test simulations.

– Student guide, information about the school and the city.

– Participation in the School’s general and free activities.

– School Wifi.

– Certificate of attendance to the course (not officially valid).

– Student service from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. from Monday to Friday.

2.2 Course fee does not include

– Transfer to the airport or train station

– Travel insurance

– Access to specific activities and which will be established at a cost of

– Official fees for level exams

– Anything that is not expressly stated in the registration or in the general conditions.

3 Lodging

3.1 In those cases in which the student contracts the accommodation, he/she must communicate one week in advance the time of arrival and departure. Sunday is the official day of arrival from 5:00 p.m. and departure before 12:00 noon.

3.2 The School will indicate to the student the accommodation according to the requirements set by the student, and the school may change the accommodation as long as these characteristics are met or exceeded.

3.3 Any change of accommodation requested by the student without justified cause will entail a management cost to be borne by the student and this change will be possible as long as there are available places of similar characteristics to those contracted.

3.4 Once the stay in the accommodation has begun, it may only be abandoned by giving one week’s written notice.

3.5 The student will accept all the rules indicated by each accommodation or establishment.

4 Collection transport

4.1 In cases where the student hires transportation, the arrival and departure flight information must be communicated one week in advance. The contract is for a single journey between the airport and the accommodation chosen by the student.

4.2 The School will inform the student of the meeting place and time.

4.3 Any changes that may occur must be communicated to the telephone number indicated in the information of the School and always with sufficient time in advance so that the School can reorganize the collection. Any extra charges that these changes entail must be paid by the student.

4.4 If the student does not show up within 60 minutes of the agreed time and location, the service will be cancelled, but the student will still have to pay for the service.

5 Reservation and registration procedure

5.1 The student must send the “request for quotation” form duly completed and the school will confirm his/her participation by e-mail, attaching a quotation with the conditions and the total amount of the course.

5.2 The student must transfer the total amount of the Spanish course and associated services. For students who do not require a visa, it will be necessary to pay 20% of the total amount or a minimum of 150 € to reserve the place.

IMPORTANT: as long as the transfer is not received, the student’s place will not be blocked and confirmed.

5.3 One month prior to the beginning of the course, the student must transfer the rest of the amount to complete the total price of the course.

5.4 In all transfers made by the student, he/she must indicate his/her name and send, as far as possible, the proof of the transfer to the school. Bank charges will always be paid by the student.

6 Cancellations

6.1 All cancellations must be communicated in writing by e-mail to info@idiomascarlosv.es in order to be valid.

6.2 For cancellations made one month in advance the school will refund the amount of the course minus the reservation fee (150,00 €).

6.3 The school will not reimburse any amount for those made less than one month in advance, but the student will be able to use the same amount for the completion of a course of similar characteristics and subject to availability.

6.4 Once the course has begun, if the student has to abandon the course for reasons beyond the School’s control, no refund will be made.

6.5 The school may cancel the group if there are no confirmed places. When only one or two people participate in the group, the teaching sessions may be reduced by half.

6.6 In the event of force majeure or pandemic, the student shall have the right to cancel his/her participation in the course and receive all amounts paid to date.

7 Groups

7.1 The student will take a level test before arriving at the school, which will allow the school to assign him/her to a group according to his/her level and interest.

7.2 Upon the student’s arrival at the school, a new level test, this time personal, will be carried out to confirm the language level and incorporate the student into the group that finally corresponds to him/her according to his/her level.

8 Student insurance

8.1 The School has a general liability insurance for all students and for those incidents that may occur within the facilities, incidents occurring outside these or on the way to them will not be covered.

8.2 The student may take out a private travel insurance policy to cover all other incidents that may occur. The School recommends taking out medical insurance, especially for non-European Union students.

9 School Conditions

9.1 The School has a complaints book in accordance with official regulations.

9.2 On national or local holidays (Sevilla) no classes will be held and no refunds will be made for such classes.

9.3 Violence or disrespect to other classmates or school personnel may force the student to leave the course.

9.4 The student authorizes the school for those graphic images or videos, in any format, that the School may capture, to be used to inform and / or publicize the activity of the same. These may be reproduced in paper format, on the school’s websites, social networks as well as in publications owned by the School. The treatment of such material will always be from the respect and in accordance with the Organic Law 3/2018, of December 5, 2018, on the Protection of Personal Data and Guarantee of Digital Rights (OLPP GDR), being able to exercise the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition in relation to their personal data subject to these treatments, via email marketing@idiomascarlosv.es. The images will not be used for any purpose other than that expressed.

9.5 These general conditions shall be delivered and signed by the student upon arrival at the School.

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