Why learn Spanish?

6.7% of the world population uses Spanish to communicate

7,9% of users communicate in Spanish

9.2% is the contribution of the Spanish-speaking world to the GDP

  • Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world, after English and Chinese Mandarin, as well as the second most spoken language in the USA. It is spoken in Spain, the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic, North-, Middle- and South America.


  • Speaking Spanish opens lots of doors in the professional world: it gives you access to numerous job opportunities and business relations and greatly improves your resume and employability. Recruiters and hiring managers already understand that the need for bilingual English and Spanish speaking employees has grown; within a few years, demand for workers who speak both languages is likely to increase even further.


  • Foreign language classes are a very stringent requirement for some colleges and universities; beginning to learn Spanish early will make high school Spanish classes much easier. Better grades in high school Spanish are likely to make a difference on college applications.


  • Spanish is spoken on every continent of the world. Should you choose to study abroad, do international business or travel extensively, your experience will be greatly enhanced by being able to confidently and comfortably speak Spanish.


  • Studying Spanish helps you enjoy major Masterpieces of literature, cinema and culture. The works of Garcilaso, Quevedo, Bécquer, Cervantes, García Márquez, Allende or Neruda, as well as those of Almodóvar, Saura and Médem can only truly be appreciated in their original language.


  • With a solid knowledge of Spanish, you will have a much easier time learning French, Portuguese or Italian, as they are all Romance languages with Latin roots.
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